Part 2: What to do After an Indulgent Meal

Hello again! Here is the second part of my series on how to prep for Holiday Feasting: What to do after eating a bigger than usual meal or a meal with foods you do not normally eat.

After a big meal:

1.       Keep a positive mindset and don’t stress!

Bounce back the next snack or next meal, don’t let getting off track become the norm. Don’t be tempted to skip meals after over-eating, as yo-yoing blood sugar will make you crave sweets, cause headaches, and mood swings, which can make you reach for the foods you want to avoid all over again. Instead, make your next snack or meal a healthful one with good quality fat and protein. Take the time to savor and enjoy the indulgent foods you are eating and know that in a day or two, you will be right back into your routine. One meal, snack, or dessert is not going to derail your healthy efforts.


2.       Drink lots of water

Eating too much sugar and carbohydrates may make you feel bloated. Drink lots of water to flush out your system and help you come down off the “sugar-high”. You may reduce symptoms such as headache, fatigue, and dehydration. Alternate your cocktails or glass of wine with a glass of water, have your morning coffee with a big glass of water, and be sure to keep your water bottle full during the day to make sure you get the water you need!


3.       Have a digestive aid “cocktail”

My before bed “cocktail” of choice is:

2 tsp Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar

1 cup hot water

½ lemon juice

While studies are inconclusive about how apple cider vinegar affects blood sugar regulation, I like to have some after dinner and dessert every night because it is a routine that lets me know I am done eating for the evening. I also find that it keeps me regular in the bathroom…It helps clean me out, especially after a big meal!

Enough potty talk…

Look to do some light exercise before and after a big meal, which could be as easy as talking a walk around the block, yoga, 10 jumping jacks before bed. This will help your body kick off metabolizing the food you have just eaten.

Enjoy the holiday season, and give me a shout out, if you want to work together to make this one your best!





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