Thank you for checking out my blog! 

I wanted to use this first post to talk a bit more about my food philosophy and what you can expect from working with me. 

Food can be deeply personal to many, and the way you eat can reflect your value system. My goal is to honor how you eat and not be prescriptive in choosing a specific diet or lifestyle. Based on your health needs and goals, we may amp up your consumption certain foods and nutrients, but it is important that we work together to add healthful foods that you enjoy to your daily routine. We can discover new foods at the grocery store, learn to cook them, and create creative recipes that will satisfy you, your friends, and family. It is your choice! I want you to enjoy food again without the constraints of dieting or constant thinking about meal planing and prep. 

Let's start this journey to food freedom together!


Image from: http://1077thejewel.com/inexpensive-foods-that-are-heart-healthy/

Image from: http://1077thejewel.com/inexpensive-foods-that-are-heart-healthy/