Get to know: Grace Cheng of Mylk Labs

Grace is truly passionate about oatmeal, like I am, so I could not pass up the opportunity to learn more about her and her company, Mylk Labs.

Grace found that oatmeal brought her warmth and happiness, and it is her mission to share these feelings with others. Read on for our interview.

Why was it so important for you to use the ingredients you do? 

Flavor, nutrition, convenience. Those are the values that I created for Mylk Labs. There really is no need to overly sweeten your oatmeal or add 15+ ingredients. It's fairly simple and only 6 ingredients or less. I would never sell anything that I personally wouldn't eat so means whole grains, unrefined sugars and no fillers or artificial flavorings. Just real, wholesome ingredients!

What are some trends you see in the healthy breakfast category? 

When I walk down the breakfast aisle in my local grocery store, I see a lot of beans. Black bean cereal, chickpea granola, and more. It's interesting but so cool to see biodiversity in the ingredients people use now. Also, probiotics keep getting more and more popular, which is great because gut health is important!


What do you usually eat for breakfast? 

Oatmeal, every single day!

How do you stay healthy when you are busy? 

"Healthy" can be interpreted in so many ways-- whether it's physical health or mental. If we're speaking physically, I try to stick with whole foods, meaning ingredients that I'll throw together myself versus packaged foods. Mentally, I try to tackle things one by one. I've learned a lot since I first launched Mylk Labs and being focused under pressure is something that's necessary. Everyone has their own routine and ways of staying healthy, physically and mentally, so I say do what works for you! :)


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Salima Mangalji