About Me

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My love affair with food began when I was growing up. My grandmothers taught my sister and me to cook, starting with Indian sweets and then graduating to simple curries and breads. Food was a way to express our love and caring for each other; it was our love language. 

Fast forward to after college. When I made the transition to the "real" working world, my relationship with food took on a different role. It became something I could control when I felt out of control. It was no longer something I enjoyed, but rather something that I turned to when I was stressed, tired, or hurt. After years of struggling with how much to eat, how to eat, overeating, under eating, and everything in between. I let it all go. I had to repair my relationship to myself and to the delicious thing I demonized, food!

I changed careers to work in something more meaningful to me, and really focused on reconnecting with myself. I had to work hard to remove the boundaries that I had built up around certain foods and embrace living a life of my choosing.

Healing myself on the inside, made a huge difference to my mood, energy, and spirit. And it shows on the outside! I moved to Los Angeles, and I got my holistic nutrition license to coach and empower my clients to not give up on themselves and make small, doable changes to help them find balance in their lives. I am committed to disrupting the diet culture and helping women and men reconnect to themselves and live the life they deserve. Health is more than being a certain size, it is about relationship and community building, having meaning in life, and enjoying good food! 

Are you ready to start this journey to live fully?