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Live Fully Podcast

I want to explore what is trending in the world of food to help motivate others to get back into the kitchen and reconnect with food, themselves, and others in the process.



Episode 1

An interview with Mayuko Okai, a Yoga Instructor and Intuitive Eating Coach. Give it a listen HERE

Show Notes:

Mayuko Okai’s website link

Learn more about Mayuko’s new Intuitive Eating Program, she is enrolling new LA clients now. Find peace with food through intuitive eating, gentle yoga, and group work with Mayuko. Check it out HERE.

Episode 2

Take Off with these healthy travel tips. Listen HERE

Show Notes: Find links to products I talked about on the episode

Stasher Bags Silicon Bags

Nuun Hydration Tabs

Oat balls recipe

Mylk Labs Oatmeal Cups

Episode 3

A conversation with Safiya Bouhouch, founder of the I Am Well Community. Listen HERE

Show Notes: Links to things we talked about on the podcast

Playlist Yoga - Safiya’s gateway to yoga was a Playlist Yoga Class

I Am Well Community - Learn more about I Am Well and join the next event

Episode 4

Learn about seasonal eating HERE

In this episode I talk about how your body adjusts to the spring time, how to know what is in season, what fruits and veggies are currently in season, and a fun recipe for avocado pesto!


Episode 5

Kathryn Bernell started reBLEND, a revolutionary smoothie company with a mission you will want to support! Listen HERE

In this episode we talk about Kathryn’s founding journey, how food waste is impacting the environment, and what we can do about it!

Show notes:

Kathryn’s TED Talk

reBLEND website


Episode 6

Kaitlin Bolt-Lovett is the founder and RD behind A Life Nourished Listen HERE

In this episode we talk about the importance of body liberation and how Kaitlin creates this body positivity for herself and her clients.

Show notes:

Get in touch with Kaitlin