Salima has been working with me as my health coach for approximately 3 months. I find that Salima is extremely concerned about my well being. I look forward to my weekly calls with Salima.
I have found Salima to be very well versed in health and nutrition. Salima is well researched and is able to guide me so that I can make the correct nutrition and lifestyle choices. After working with Salima for a few weeks I decided that being a vegetarian was a good lifestyle choice for me. I used to experience frequent hot sweats and headaches. My dietary changes (more fruits, vegetables and nuts) have helped reduce the hot sweats and I rarely have a headache. Salima also helped me navigate through all my supplements. I was able to eliminate supplements that were not beneficial to my health. Our weekly calls keep me on track and motivate me to learn how to live a healthier life.

Salima is a patient and loving health coach. I really appreciate her ability to listen and help me find solutions and coping techniques. Not only has my overall nutrition and health improved but my ability to cope with stress has also improved. Salima has also encouraged me to become more active and live in the moment.
Salima goes over and above my expectations. Recently she has designed meal plans for me to help me eat clean foods. I am looking forward to working with these meal plans. I feel in Salima I have finally found a coach that will work with me through all of life’s ups and downs and help me live a healthy, happy life. I would recommend Salima to anyone looking to make positive changes in their life.

— Laila Bandali Founder & COO Ivy Kids Early Learning Centers. Houston, Texas
Salima is incredible. She is smart, patient, and very knowledgeable about nutrition. She came to our meetings over prepared and asked all the right questions. The advice she gave me really impacted my life!
— Patti, One-on-one Coaching Client
Whether you are looking to gain your health back, lose weight, improve your relationship with food, Salima can do it all! Salima has such a vast knowledge base on how to improve your overall health (mentally and physically). She helped me with small tips and tricks to keep on track and improve habits (meal planning, snacks, spices, supplements, foods for my doshas, book recommendations, exercise recommendations...all customized to me!) and helped me reach my weight loss goals to improve my overall health. Unlike other nutritionists and health coaches, she tackles nutrition and wellness with an emotional, psychological, and empathetic approach. She is able to customize a plan that works for each individual and is an absolute pleasure to work with!
— NYC Client, Virtual One-on-one coaching client