USC Special Offer

4 week program for USC Students


Get a health tune-up with Salima!

With the uncertainty of job searching, finishing school, and trying to manage it all, healthy, grounding habits are the first thing we leave behind. Work with Salima to create lasting behaviors around cooking more in the kitchen, preparing healthful meals, and meal prepping without spending the whole day slaving away over a hot stove.

What you get:

  • 1 free consultation and 2 calls for us to discuss your health goals and create an outline for your program

  • An understanding of what your nutritional needs are and a cooking guide with recipes to help you address those needs

  • Time-saving techniques in the kitchen and an excitement around food

  • An understanding of how to eat anywhere you travel

But wait….there are bonuses!

  • Free Grocery Store or Market Tour to stock your pantry and fridge for success

  • Free pantry refresh. Find out how to stock your pantry and arrange it for less time in the kitchen